Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer in Africa

Volunteering Solutions offers some truly enriching volunteering opportunities in Africa that range from Healthcare Volunteering Projects in Africa to Summer Volunteering Programs and 2 Weeks Special Voluntours. Volunteers get to choose from a plethora of options that include teaching English to kids, community development and building, wildlife conservation and orphanage volunteering. Vol Sol has its presence in six different countries, including Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa, offering a panoramic African experience.

The oldest and one of the most majestic continent of the world, Africa is wild, vivacious, culturally rich, diverse and still in a developing phase. This leaves Africa with an enormous potential of hosting numerous volunteering and travel opportunities for nature, wildlife, and culture lovers and also serious volunteers who aim to contribute in bringing a change in the lives of the African people. From taking jungle safaris in the enthralling and verdant landscapes of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to volunteering with the Maasai tribe in the rural parts of Kenya, there is a lot that volunteers can do while volunteering in Africa.

The orphanage project in Ghana, Summer Special in Tanzania and Medical Volunteering In South Africa are some of the most popular projects in Africa and are actively participated in throughout the year. 

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