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Forest Conservation Volunteer Program

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for the forest conservation program and contribute towards protecting one of the world’s most unique ecosystems
  • Opportunity to have an encounter with the iconic creatures for which Madagascar is famous - lemurs!
  • Study wildlife in one of the world's most biodiverse regions
  • Learn an array of surveying techniques and have a chance to contribute to the local community
  • Go for thrilling treks through remote regions of this hugely exciting island
  • Make lifelong friends and return with incredible stories, photos, and memories


Be a volunteer for the Forest Conservation Program in Madagascar with Volunteering Solutions, which is meant for all those adventurous souls who are keen on exploring the island of Madagascar while contributing effectively towards preserving the richness & beauty of Mother Nature. Being a volunteer for this project, you will get the opportunity to understand the local environment and help monitor the spectacular array of wildlife found in Nosy Komba.

To assess the biodiversity, we use a variety of field survey techniques including Species ID, behavioral monitoring and comparisons, population assessments, pitfall traps, transect surveys, and active forest searches both during the day and at night, as well as visual and vocal identification of birds, and potential for mist-netting, etc. For invertebrates on Nosy Komba, we aim to create an inventory of butterfly and moth species.

Forest volunteers receive training on species identification, conducting field surveys, equipment set up and data collection. You'll be guided by professional conservations, during this volunteer trip. Thus, it'll be an incredible opportunity for you to learn through experiences.

Currently, there are 4 most prominent focus areas, which are as follows:

Black Lemur Ecology – We study 3 groups of lemurs, all located in the closed-canopy forest, near to villages and human presence. We focus on the lemur’s relations with their habitat, home range, and group size. We also hope to estimate the lemur’s tolerance against habitat fragmentation and disturbance. In addition to this, we conduct behavioral comparisons between wild and habituated populations at the local lemur park.

Reptile Survey – We use two different methods, each focusing on different niches. In transect surveys, volunteers walk along set 250m transects using visual search to identify all reptiles and amphibians. During plot searches, volunteers actively search through a pre-defined plot looking for more cryptic species. In addition to the intensive transect and plot searches, we sometimes use pitfall traps to study ground-dwelling reptiles and amphibians. Most surveys happen during the day however we carry out weekly night walks for nocturnal species using the same methods.

Bird Survey – We conduct bird population surveys on the coast, in plantations, and in the forest. Point counts are conducted where birds are identified both visually and vocally. This survey allows us to study the seasonal occupancy, habitat preferences and provide updated data on the endemic bird species present on Nosy Komba.

Agroforest  – The implementation of an agroforest in Nosy Komba is the first of its kind. With villages requiring to clear forest vegetation to grow crops, we are pioneering the concept of growing cash crops. These are crops such as coffee, vanilla and chilly. The crops will be grown without the need to destroy or interfere with valuable ecosystems. We combined this initiative with a sanitation program for the local village.

Volunteers will be working as a group under the supervision of the local staff. If this is your first time doing conservation work, don't worry! Our country coordinator will be there to guide you and provide you with adequate help and knowledge so that you can work with ease and have satisfactory volunteering experience.

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