Australasia and Pacific Projects

Australasia and Pacific Projects

Are you excited to be a part of conservation volunteering programs in Australia & New Zealand, while exploring the best of the Southern Hemisphere? Australia is the land of the splendid sun and it sure outshines other destinations when it comes to innumerable adventurous activities abroad! And New Zealand has nature's wealth in abundance, but it needs a little help from us to preserve its beauty. Gear up as you set out for a journey of a lifetime and gain first-hand work experience while working under the guidance of conservationists, and contribute towards nature's well being. No matter whether it's your first solo trip abroad or a gap year adventure, Volunteering Solutions will ensure that you have a great time painting the towns with all shades of green! Wanna know more of the perks? Well, of course the volunteer certificate and extra college credit and loads of fun at work!

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