Community Development Programs
Community Development Programs

Community Development Programs

Volunteer for Community Development Programs across several countries such as South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, The Philippines, Uganda, Ghana, Morocco & Thailand. 
Get the opportunity to take part in educational programs for children, take up renovation and building work, work with local NGOs in areas of gender empowerment, microfinance, and organize awareness drives. 

The best part about the community development programs is that volunteers can take up several different kinds of tasks in one project - teach an English class, help out in a childcare center, take art and painting sessions for students, help with renovation of a school building, be a part of a disease awareness campaign, assist in administrative tasks amongst other such activities. 

Responsibilities at the project include: 

  • Working on teaching and childcare in the local region 
  • Taking part and conducting community art and painting sessions 
  • Working with the local community on areas of animal rearing and farming 
  • Taking up construction and renovation work 
  • Working with local NGOs and increasing civic engagement

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