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Elephant and Community Volunteer Project

Trip Highlights

  • Take up Volunteer work with Elephants in Sri Lanka and contribute in the conservation of the Asian Elephants 
  • With the highest density of Elephants in South Asia, Sri Lanka needs your help for the protection and upkeep of elephants 
  • Responsibilities at the project include making elephant feed and vitamin, taking them for rides and bathing, assisting in their healthcare, making socially useful products out of elephant waste 
  • Assisting mahouts and their wives and families with everyday activities makes an essential component of the program 
  • Engage with the local communities and learn about their ways of living and what Elephants mean to them, both economically and emotionally 
  • Project combines wildlife conservation and working for local community as well 
  • Volunteer to teach the children of the local community and assist local shelter for children with disabilities


Volunteer with Elephants in Sri Lanka and support the gentle giants and the local community who takes care of them as well. An opportunity to work in an Elephant care shelter, volunteers assist the local mahout community in their caretaking that encompasses making their feed, healthcare and using their waste for organic produce as well. Apart from spending time with the elephants, volunteers joining this program will also get to spend a lot of time with the locals. There’s an opportunity to learn the Sinhalese language and learn how to make local cuisine as well. 

Engaging deeply with the local community, volunteers get to teach the children of the local community and work in local shelters housing differently abled children. This project, which is one of a kind, will facilitate an insider’s experience of Sri Lanka. Spending time in the wilderness in a small local village, taking care of Elephants, volunteering for the local community of Sri Lanka, the project will be a rejuvenating time for volunteers and they’ll get to make a lasting impact on the lives of the locals and the ‘Gentle Giants’ as well.

The project was started with the aim to take care of the Asian elephants because their owners could no longer afford to care for them. To say the truth, caring for these gentle giants involves a huge expenditure, and for that matter, the animals are no taken care by the mahouts, who depend fully on them for the survival. As a volunteer, the fees that you'll pay will be aptly utilized for the wellbeing of the animals. Occasionally, tourists visit this area and elephant riding is provided as well. It is important for you to note that all elephant riding is carried out within the animal welfare guidelines and their natural habitat. The mahouts take adequate care of the fact that the animals aren't harmed or hurt during the process of riding. Since this project receives paying tourists, and your role will be to help the staff, assisting with the work of the mahouts as and when required. By the time you'll finish your project, you should have a good understanding of the life of mahouts and elephants in Sri Lanka. Your contribution towards the community development work will also be acknowledged much.

Please note that the project involves staying and working in a small community and not a camp.

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