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Childcare in Social Welfare Program Spain

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for Children in Valencia, Spain where volunteers are is placed to assist children from underserved communities and tutor them in after school programs in a community center
  • Responsibilities at the project include creating an activity based learning environment for children,
  • helping primary and high school students with their homework, and organizing different kinds of  workshops, sports or cultural activities
  • Volunteers will work according to the school week, from 
  • Intermediate level of Spanish helps in the project and this is also a way to improve one’s Spanish skills 
  • During weekends, volunteers can explore the nearby areas and take up cultural activities


The Childcare Volunteering Project in Valencia is facilitated to assist children from underserved backgrounds, and work entails tutoring them after school hours in a community center. Volunteers can also assist the local staff in day-to-day administrative tasks as well. The project lets participants understand the workings of a local care shelter and its role in taking of the local community. Working at the project is also a good way to work on one’s Spanish skills. Another advantage of working in the countryside region that is Valencia is the opportunity to explore its natural beauty and travel around post the volunteering work hours.

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