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Voluntários internacionais, viajantes do ano sabático e aqueles que procuram uma oportunidade emocionante para trabalhar como voluntário no exterior devem ser voluntários na Espanha. O voluntariado na Espanha será uma experiência divertida e desafiadora, onde você poderá mergulhar na cultura mediterrânea, aprender novas habilidades e conhecer novas pessoas.



Espanha - Fatos rápidos

Datas de início : Todo o ano

Duração : 1-24 Weeks

Localização do programa : Barcelona

Idade minima : 16 years+

Certificado : Oferecido após a conclusão do programa


Num relance

Moeda Usada : EURO (€)

Linguagem : Spanish

Viaje nos fins de semana para: visit the museums and monuments or hit the beaches

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Volunteer in Spain

Seja voluntário na Espanha com Soluções de Voluntariado em projetos voluntários de conservação e bem-estar social comunitário em Barcelona, onde os voluntários podem ajudar na Conservação Subaquática ou em Projetos de Desenvolvimento Comunitário. O voluntariado na Espanha é uma opção ideal para estudantes do ensino médio/universitário, bem como para mochileiros e viajantes de ano sabático.


  • Programas disponíveis em Barcelona
  • Oportunidades significativas de voluntariado de 2 a 16 semanas
  • Projetos voluntários de baixo custo, incluindo refeições e alojamento
  • Viva com outros voluntários em acomodações tipo apartamento compartilhado
  • Explore diferentes locais da Espanha nos finais de semana

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Spain

Diana - Volunteer in Marine and Coast Conservation Project in Spain
"I‘ve been volunteering in Spain for 2 weeks and I enjoyed every second. We’ve been 4 teammates and our awesome guide. Everyday we did something new. Like watering baby oak trees in the mountains, catching invasive turtles, beach clean-up‘s or micro plastic transects.10/10 points for this project"

Diana - Volunteer in Marine and Coast Conservation Project in Spain View

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Weekend Travel Options

Weekends are free for the volunteers and you can go for short weekend trips. In Spain, you’ll see a magnitude of interesting sights. Visit the artistic Barcelona, the grandiose Royal Palace in Madrid, the imposing Catedral de la Almudena, the golden triangle of museums, Mezquita of Cordoba Ancient streets and many Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque monuments. Trust us, you will not get enough of the Spanish cities! You must also go to a football match which is a must when in Spain. While in Valencia itself there is a lot to do on the weekends or just relax on the beautiful beaches and get tanned!

L’AlbuferaAlbufera-ValenciaIf you love food and nature then the Albufera Natural Park will be like heaven for you. The best news is that it is just a ten-kilometer ride from the city. It is famous for having the largest lake in Spain that is separated from the sea by a thin coastline. You can take a boat trip onto this lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset. L’Albufera is also the home of the Valencian paella and is surrounded by a diverse wildlife. 

Sanguto – Sanguto is just 30 kilometers away from Valencia with its hilltop fortress and a history that stretches back approximately two thousand years. Its two main attractions are the Roman ruins and the Castle free and they both are free and involve a considerable amount of walking. You can easily reach Sanguto by car, bus or a train from Valencia.

Xàtiva – Want to visit a full-blown castle? Well, Xátiva happens to be just famous for it and steep slopes! It is actually less than an hour of a car/train ride from Valencia having its own personality and heritage. Apart from the castle, don’t miss the black cave of the marvelous Jardin del Beso gardens. Try to visit this place in the cooler months to spare yourself this town’s scorching temperatures.

Morella MorellaCrowned by a hilltop castle, this medieval town is located in Castellon to the north of Valencia. Morella is known for being one of Spain’s most beautiful towns. Near to it are the caves of María La Vella which is also a world heritage site, where you can explore some prehistoric paintings. You can drive here directly for two hours, or take an indirect train or bus connection till here from Valencia.

Requena – Welcome to the center of cava and local wine! Drive through the countryside to get lost among vines or even stop for a quick tasting at the local wineries. Utiel Requena is this place’s local specialty and this red wine is made from Bobal grapes. And of course, don’t miss the town itself for its Fiesta de Vendimia in August because this is when they celebrate the end of their harvest and pray to God for plenty of rainfall next year.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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