Meet Hayder Jiggy, Volunteer in Ghana

Meet Hayder Jiggy, Volunteer in Ghana

Why did you choose to volunteer at all?

I wanted to help less priviledged people in the world, and see how the live to be aware of what else is going on in the world.


What was the reason behind choosing Ghana as your volunteering destination?

Ghana offers a true exchanging of experiences. It seemed like we had a lot to learn as well as to give, which one one of my goals and purposes of the experience.


Was your volunteering journey enriching? Do you think you have made an impact on the lives of the children? Have this experienced changed you?

Extremely enriching. Learned so much! :) I think I made a great impact for the short time I was there. Of course, it motivates me to do more and spread more goodness on this beautiful planet.


How did you come to know about Volunteering Solutions?

Through the Internet. We looked for different organizations and VS seemed the simplest.


Would you recommend this organization to others?

Yes, for sure. Extremely organized and simple. :)


Would you like to come back and do another volunteer work? Would you choose Ghana or any other destination?

For sure I will likely do another volunteer work. I believe I will be back in Ghana one day but I would like to explore the entire world! :)

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