Meet Amy Elizabeth, Volunteer in Ghana

Meet Amy Elizabeth, Volunteer in Ghana

Why did you decide to volunteer through Volunteering Solutions? And where did you come to know about this organization?

I was interested in finding an organisation that was low cost and had received positive feedback from previous volunteers. Volunteering Solutions ticked both of these boxes and seemed to be deeply committed to bettering the lives of the people in those communities it serves, as well as ensuring that volunteers travelling to those destinations have an unforgettable experience. 


Why did you choose Ghana as your volunteering destination?

I had never travelled to Africa before so going there was something I was eager to do. Ghana stood out due to what I had read about the warmness of the people and the richness of the culture. The education projects in Ghana were suited to my experience as a student teacher and I just knew that it had to be my destination. 


What was your daily schedule in Ghana like?

Volunteering Solutions in Ghana with Amy Elizabeth

We would wake in the morning, have breakfast and arrive at the school for 7.30am. Maltiti Girls School runs from 7.30am until 12.30/1pm and there we would teach mainly English, but also other subjects including Maths, Science, RME and Citizenship Education. After school we were given the choice to visit a local village, where we could also assist with teaching the children English. After school we would play games with the children (mainly football). As well as visiting the village, volunteers are free to take a trip in to town, shop at the markets, go to the swimming pool or meet friends for lunch. I was also fortunate enough to visit the children in the local orphanage a couple of times during my stay. At nights we would have dinner with the host family and play card games or go to the local bars and nightclubs. 


What was the highlight of your Ghana experience?

The highlight of my experience was undoubtedly teaching in the girls school. The memories I have of my class and their appreciation for their education will stay with me forever. Generally, the people I met really made my experience what it was, including the girls of the school, my fellow volunteers and the programme co-ordinators. The people of Ghana are very kind and welcoming and my experience would not have been the same without them. 


Do you think you have made an impact in the lives of the people in Ghana?

Yes, I think that the girls in the school genuinely appreciated my time and my lessons. The programme co-ordinators and local communities are so very grateful that you have chosen to help in their country and they make this known to you. I just wish I could have stayed longer and helped more!


Would you recommend volunteering solutions to other volunteers? Why?

I would definitely recommend Volunteering Solutions to anyone due to the cost-effective programmes and the richness of the experiences they offer. In Ghana the programme was so flexible as to allow you to tailor your own experience, see what you wanted to see and contribute as much as you were willing. Anything I asked to do or see in Ghana was granted by the fantastic co-ordinators. I felt that I had a truly Ghanaian experience through Volunteering Solutions and learned so much about the local culture and history, which was exactly the sort of experience I was seeking. Leading up to my trip the information given was very detailed and any queries were dealt with efficiently. 


Would you like to volunteer again through us and in which program?

I would love to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions again, especially back in Ghana! I also like the look of the programmes on offer in Nepal and in Peru. 

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