Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Volunteering Solution aims to ensure highest standards and take reasonable steps to protect adults and children while their time at our projects. All participants of Volunteering Solutions are treated equally regardless of their age, sex, religion or social background with special focus on children (under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults, details on guidelines are on our Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

We expect our partners and staff to follow the safeguarding policy and protocols and ensure to maintain boundaries with our clients. In addition to adhering Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy guidelines partner staff are expected to, 

1. Not involve or suggest (directly or indirectly) any intimate, romantic or emotional relationships and discourage participants if they initiate any such behavior, 

2. Not involve in jokes or conversations referring to sexual or racial in any nature,

3. Refrain from touching and discourage any inappropriate touching from the participants, 

4. Take permission before taking any photos or videos, 

5. Limit alcohol consumption with participants and avoid where possible without offending the participant. 

Such adherence will ensure not just the participants but the staff and partners from any false allegations.

Volunteering Solutions expect the partner staff and all involved to ensure immediate reporting of any safe guarding concerns raised by the participants. Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy to be referred to for additional protection of participants under 18 and vulnerable adults.

Volunteering Solutions also ensures proper DBS check of all participants to ensure safety of participants working together. Any person who does not clear DBS are not admitted by us for participation in any of our projects.

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