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Marine Conservation Volunteer Program in Bali

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for Marine Conservation, and do your bit for the rising pollution hampering marine life in the oceans 
  • Develop skills of locals and fishermen for practicing alternative livelihood activities to generate income like diving, help them learn English to work as tour guides so that they do not rely only on extracting and exploiting resources from the sea
  • Share your efforts in preservation and protection of marine life and coral reef
  • Create awareness and discuss with locals, fishermen and school children about sustainability, marine life, and risks from elements like plastic wastes etc.
  • Help in building artificial reef structures


Tianyar is a small fishing village in the northern part of Bali, approximately 3 - 4 hours drive from Denpasar. What once was a highly bio-diverse and healthy 3 km coral reef, Tianyar’s reef is currently in poor condition due to many years of unsustainable fishing practices with no regard for protecting the marine environment.

After several visits from scientists, conservationists and divers, an urgent need to protect the reef was identified. With the aim of restoring and conserving Tianyar’s coral reef, this project was started not only to protect its amazing and fragile ecosystems but also to provide a sustainable future for the livelihood of folks residing in this underprivileged village.

Volunteering Solutions partners with a local Balinese organization and here's a brief about the ongoing work in this region:

  • Special focus is given on setting up a marine conservation (no fishing) zone along the reef. Fishing on the reef is problematic because of discarded fishing equipment, damage from the fishing hooks and anchoring of the boats. Without the stress caused by constant disruption, the coral and ecosystems can restore back to a healthy sustainable level.
  • Several alternative livelihood programs have been designed for fishermen, training them to become diving instructors and other income-generating activities are taken care of, so that doesn't rely only on extracting resources from the sea.
  • Marine conservation education is provided in two local schools. Educating the local school children, villagers and fishermen about sustainability, marine life, and pollution caused by plastic/ non-biodegradable waste. Plastic pollution is a problem in Gianyar and the project is working to tackle this by educating the people.
  • Organizing weekly beach cleaning campaigns with local children.

Working with LINI (The Indonesian Nature Foundation) to build artificial reef structures such as fish domes. These are deployed along the reef on sampled sand bottom areas. These structures benefit the marine environment because they act as habitats marine spheres to provide shelter as well as a surface for corals to grow on.

Working with fishermen, local community and central government to expand, create local jobs and further improve the coral restoration process.

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