Marine Conservation Volunteer Program

Trip Highlights

  • Travel to Sri Lanka and contribute effectively towards the Marine Conservation Program based in Kalpitiya, a beautiful beach town
  • Gain first-hand international work experience while volunteering under the supervision of professional conservationists
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of local communities to become better stewards for the marine environment
  • Meet some amazing people from different parts of the world and work for a bigger goal
  • Explore this pristine Asian island nation and make a difference to this world


Join the incredible Marine Conservation Volunteering Program in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions. In this island country, more than one million people depend upon fisheries for their daily income and fish is the major source of protein in local diets. Despite this, there is very little information available about the status of Sri Lanka’s vulnerable and endangered marine ecosystems. Hence, we have taken up the cause and curated this program, so that we can carry out the research and conservation in this area, with the valuable coordination and contribution of the volunteers.

This program, in a broader spectrum, is a long term marine research and conservation project based on the west coast of Sri Lanka. The following social, ecological, economical, information and conservation issues and concerns have been identified as being important concerns that need to be addressed to protect the marine environment of Sri Lanka: 

  • The vast gap in the knowledge and information available on marine resources 
  • Lack of community support for conservation and sustainable management of marine resources 
  • Harmful fishing practices that destroy marine ecosystems (especially coral reefs, seagrass ecosystems, shipwrecks) 
  • Blast fishing (e.g., dynamite fishing) 
  • Mechanized bottom trawling (illegal but still takes place) 
  • Use of poisonous chemicals (illegal but still takes place), e.g., cyanide 
  • Use of ray nets (threats to marine mammals such as dugongs and pink dolphins) 
  • Use of bottom-set nets on reefs to catch lobsters 
  • Purse seining close to shore in coral reef areas 
  • Illegal trafficking of dead and live marine resources 
  • Threats to reef and coral fishes 
  • Killing of sea turtles and robbing their nests

Spanning over a duration of minimum one week to a maximum of 12 weeks, this would be a perfect choice for gap year travelers, high school & college students as well as backpackers who are keen to travel to Sri Lanka and volunteer, being a responsible traveler. It'll not only enlighten you about the problem areas and expose you to the harsh realities, but also give you a chance to do something good for Mother Earth, as well as the people living in this part of the world.

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