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Todo Soluciones de Voluntariado voluntarios deben tener insurance.For voluntarios conveniencia, Soluciones de Voluntariado ofrece una póliza de seguro integral para nuestros voluntarios.

Soluciones de Voluntariado se ha asociado con Seven Corners Inc para proporcionar voluntarios con viaje y seguro médico coverage.Seven Esquinas es uno de los seguros más experiencia internacional de salud de viaje, seguro de viaje, y las compañías de administración de beneficios especiales en las esquinas industry.Seven es un miembro de la EE.UU. Asociación de Seguros de viaje (Ustia) y es un proveedor certificado Administración de Servicios generales (GSA) contrato.

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Insurance Plan Details

Coverage Length 5 days to 364 days
Extension of Coverage Extendable for a total of up to 364 days
Coverage Area Worldwide Excluding the United States
Medical Maximum Options Worldwide “Excluding” the United States as indicated on the attached rate sheets:
Ages Available Benefit Maximums
14 days to 79: $50,000
Ages 80+: $15,000
Deductible Options (You pay) $250 per Period of Coverage
Coinsurance Options (The plan pays) 100%
Hospital Room & Board URC Up to Plan Maximum
Inpatient Hospital Services URC Up to Plan Maximum
Outpatient Hospital / Clinical Services URC Up to Plan Maximum
Emergency Room Services URC Up to Plan Maximum
Doctor's Office Visits URC Up to Plan Maximum
Prescription Drugs URC Up to Plan Maximum
Home Healthcare $2,500
Extended Care Facility URC up to Medical Maximum
Local Ambulance Benefit $5,000
Hospital Daily Indemnity (outside the United States) $100 per day, 30-day limit
Coma $10,000 (separate from Medical Maximum)
Precertification – 25% penalty $100 per day to a maximum of 30 days
Extension of Benefits to Home Country $5,000
Incidental Trips to Home Country $5,000
Waiver of Pre-existing Condition: U.S.
Residents outside of the United States
Age 0-69: $25,000
Age 70 & over: $5,000
COVID-19 Treatment URC up to Medical Maximum
Dental - Sudden Relief of Pain $100
Dental - Accident $500
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation $250,000 (separate from the Medical Maximum)
Emergency Medical Reunion Up to $200 per day / $25,000 maximum limit
Return of Child(ren) $25,000
Return of Mortal Remains $25,000
Local Burial or Cremation $5,000
Natural Disaster Evacuation $25,000
Natural Disaster Daily Benefit $50 per day, 5-day limit
Political Evacuation & Repatriation $10,000
Felonious Assault $5,000 (separate from the Medical Maximum)
Terrorist Activity $25,000
24/7 Travel Assistance Services Included
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Ages 19+: $10,000
Ages 0-18: $2,500
Aggregate Limit of $250,000 for Total Number of Insureds on Plan
Common Carrier Accidental Death and Dismemberment Ages 19+: $20,000
Ages 0-18: $5,000
Aggregate Limit of $250,000 for Total Number of Insureds on Plan
Loss of Checked Luggage Up to $50 per article
$250 per occurrence maximum
Trip Interruption $2,500
Personal liability $25,000
Hazardous Activities (Optional) Up to Plan Maximum
Benefit Period 180 Days
Except as specifically indicated otherwise, all benefits are subject to Deductible and Coinsurance and are per Period of Coverage.

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