Voluntario en Costa Rica
Voluntario en Costa Rica

Voluntario en
Costa Rica

Todos los proyectos están disponibles de 1 a 24 semanas en San José y sus alrededores, incluida la conservación de tortugas, cuidado de niños, enseñanza de inglés, atención médica, proyectos especiales de 2 semanas.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica - Datos breves

Fechas de inicio : Todo el año

Duración : 1-24 Weeks

Ubicación del programa : Alajuela, Caribbean Rainforest, Osa Peninsula, Pacific Coast, Puerto Viejo, Santa Barbara De Heredia & Various

Edad mínima : 17 years+

Certificado : Ofrecido después de la finalización del programa


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Moneda utilizada : Costa Rican Colón

Idioma : Spanish

Viaja los fines de semana a: explore the coffee plantation covered hills,volcanic national parks and pristine beaches

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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Sea voluntario en Costa Rica con Volunteering Solutions y elija entre una amplia gama de programas de voluntariado en el extranjero que incluyen cuidado de niños, enseñanza de inglés, conservación de la selva tropical, conservación del medio ambiente, cuidado de animales y conservación de tortugas marinas. También contamos con un proyecto Voluntour de 2 semanas especialmente seleccionado, que combina lo mejor de los viajes y Oportunidades de voluntariado en Costa Rica, aptas para aquellos que tienen poco tiempo. Todo el trabajo voluntario en Costa Rica se encuentra dentro y alrededor de la ciudad capital, San José. VolSol es una de las mejores organizaciones de voluntariado en Costa Rica y cuenta con la confianza de miles de voluntarios durante los últimos 17 años.


  • Proyectos ubicados en el Pacífico, Selva Caribeña, Valle Central y Península de Osa.
  • Una amplia variedad de oportunidades de voluntariado están disponibles durante todo el año, de 1 a 24 semanas.
  • Proyectos de voluntariado de bajo coste que incluyen comidas y alojamiento.
  • Explora los magníficos paisajes de Costa Rica los fines de semana.
  • Increíbles opciones de viaje que incluyen caminatas por volcanes, recorridos por plantaciones de café y la opción especial de 2 semanas.

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

Ellie - Volunteer in the Childcare Project in Costa Rica
"I decided to travel to Costa Rica to work on my Spanish and it has been such a wonderful experience! During the week I work at a daycare and the staff has welcomed me with such generous hospitality. Living with a family has allowed me to be immersed in the language and culture, a valuable experience for my future career as a Spanish teacher!"

Ellie - Volunteer in the Childcare Project in Costa Rica View

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Weekend Travel Options

Costa Rica is undoubtedly a beach lovers paradise and when you are there in the country, you'll surely spend most of your time by the beaches. Try out several water sports, go for the sunset cruise, and savor the taste of the cuisine at the beachside shacks while exploring on the weekends. The country has a huge span of forested area and you can take tours of the Tortuguero National Park, The Corcovado National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park. If you are an adventure junkie, then you'll get ample options here - including zip-lining through forests and cave explorations. There is so much to do in Costa Rica, that your weekends might not just be enough! Make your checklist and we'll help you in ticking them off!

Doka Coffee Plantation La Paz Waterfall Gardenscoffee plantation

Deep thrills for Coffee Lovers! Visit the Doka Coffee Estate first because it is an authentic Costa Rican coffee plantation and a Costa Rican trademark. Over here, you will get to enjoy creating some of the world’s best coffee from start to finish and then even sample it! After this, you can continue to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The best way to enjoy these waterfalls is to listen for hummingbirds butterflies, and marvel at the rainforest, orchids, and the tropical flowers!

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation

Can’t get enough of Coffee? This plantation has the hard bean Costa Rican coffee spread over 30 acres. Here you will learn how organic coffee is really grown, harvested, dried, and finally processed. If you visit here in the harvest season – from October to January – then you can even participate in picking the coffee! You will go through the steps of coffee preparation and also learn how experts test and rate coffee.

Highlands Tour to Barva and Heredia

The mask makers of Barva are famous for still creating their art for various community festivals and making giant puppets that can dance in the streets. In Heredia, visit the colonial-styled Spanish landmarks including the El Fortin, the Guard Tower, the main cathedral, and the Casa de la Cultura. And if you want to see a recreation of Spanish colonial Costa Rica, then visit the Museo de Cultura Popular on your way back.

Irazu Volcano, Orosi Valley, Lankester Gardens volcano costa rica

From starting your tour from the Panamerican Highway, as you wind upward, you’ll be able to get a view of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Explore the Virgin of the Angels Basilica before heading to the Lankester Gardens upon your descent. In the Lankester Gardens, you’ll see 800 different species of orchids, bromeliads, and hundreds of other plants. Then, continue to Orosi Valley to visit a colonial church before lunch.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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