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Sea voluntario en Ecuador con Volunteering Solutions, una organización internacional confiable, brinda oportunidades de voluntariado que incluyen cuidado de niños, niños de la calle, desarrollo deportivo y voluntariado en el Centro de rescate de animales.



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Fechas de inicio : Todo el año

Duración : 1-24 Weeks

Ubicación del programa : Puyo & Quito

Edad mínima : 18 years+

Certificado : Ofrecido después de la finalización del programa


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Moneda utilizada : US Dollars (USD)

Idioma : Spanish

Viaja los fines de semana a: explore the areas around Quito, visit the UNESCO Sites and the volcanic peaks

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Volunteer in Ecuador

Sea parte del voluntariado en Ecuador con Volunteering Solutions en una amplia gama de programas de voluntariado que incluyen empoderamiento de mujeres, cuidado infantil y trabajo en Amazon Animal Rescue Center.Los proyectos de voluntariado en Ecuador se encuentran tanto en la ciudad capital de Quito como en otros lugares como Puyo, el Valle de Intag y la costa oeste.


  • Amplia variedad de proyectos basados en diferentes ubicaciones del Ecuador.
  • Proyectos de voluntariado de bajo coste que incluyen comidas y alojamiento.
  • Increíbles tours complementarios de fin de semana para caminatas por la jungla, la meseta andina para ver volcanes activos o explorar el increíble archipiélago de Galápagos.
  • Alojamiento en albergue, casa de familia o en el sitio del proyecto.

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

Laura - Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador
"Volunteering in Quito with children was an unforgettable experience! Totally worth it! The work with the kids was great as well as the weekend trips with my house-mates. Trekking up Cotopaxi an active volcano was the most exciting experience as well."

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Weekend Travel Options

Quito is actually the highest capital city in the world standing at an altitude of 9,350 feet above sea level. It is a beautiful town with magnificent architecture, gorgeous landscapes, warm people and much more. Go for exploring the city with your hosts and peers. You can also take a trip to the Amazon Basin and walk through the forest trails. This is an ideal place for jungle trekking and you will get to spot beautiful birds and other animals. Visit the Andean plateau and see a series of active volcanoes. You can also discuss with your coordinator and take a trip to the amazing archipelago of Galapagos to experience the beauty of nature, gaze at the purple sunsets and soak in the freshness!

CotopaxiCotopaxiDoes the thought of exploring an active volcano thrill you? Because Quito’s Cotopaxi Volcano is actually the 2nd largest active volcano in this world and on a clear day, you can see this snow-capped volcano in the distance. Spend the whole day hiking and taking in volcano views. You can also take a hike up Cotopaxi towards a summit ranger station to race down on a thrilling bike ride. What’s more? There are horseback riding excursions that are available around the volcano and the National Park!

Mitad del Mundo – Attention, please! This could be your Middle of the World Tour in Mitad del Mundo! The whole Quito area actually sits along the equator and right outside the capital is now a newer monument to mark that location. But you should know a rather funny detail too. In reality, the location of the actual equator line was miscalculated by about 250 meters from the “official-real” Middle of the World monument. Then this former monument was shifted to the official location of the equator in a small village called Calacali. Now, when you visitors the newer monument, you will be able to stand on the “Equator” line and have your passport actually stamped from the Equator.

Mindo Cloud Forest Mindo Cloud Forest This forest is only a couple of hours from Quito and can offer you the adventures of tubing, zip lining, and biking. This cloud forest stretches along the Andes. Mindo’s valleys get the perfect gentle winds and exactly the optimum amount of moisture in them. The result of such weather conditions is an ideal nursery for birds & butterflies. So if you have interest in birds then go flock to Mindo to see 350+ species of birds. Apart from this, Mindo’s butterfly exhibition and the chocolate tours are also some popular things to look forward to.

Quilotoa Crater – The Quilotoa Around volcano erupted 800 years ago and collapsed inwards on itself. The crater lake that was formed as a result of this, is now one of South America’s most radiant natural wonders. For all the water-lovers, the water in the Quilotoa crater has a gorgeous turquoise color. A Quilotoa day trip from Quito will allow you to part ways and hike down into the crater. Although, you will also have the option to explore around the rim and if you hike down then you can hire a mule to ride back up. You must also remember to visit the nearby villages to get a glimpse of the local life there.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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