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VolSol tiene oportunidades de trabajo voluntario en la ciudad de Phnom Penh, Camboya. Los participantes también pueden optar por unirse a la Enseñanza, Apoyo a ONG, Proyecto Médico y Más de 2 a 24 semanas durante todo el año. En viaje de fin de semana para explorar las ruinas de Angkor Wat



Camboya - Datos breves

Fechas de inicio : Todo el año

Duración : 2-24 Weeks

Ubicación del programa : Phnom Penh

Edad mínima : 18 years+

Certificado : Ofrecido después de la finalización del programa


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Moneda utilizada : Cambodian Riel

Idioma : Khmer

Viaja los fines de semana a: Angkor Temples, Tonle Sap and Sihanoukville

5 días de trabajo voluntario

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Volunteer in Cambodia

Sea voluntario en Camboya con Soluciones de voluntariado en una amplia gama de programas asequibles de voluntariado en el extranjero, que incluyen cuidado infantil, enseñanza de inglés, apoyo a ONG, etc. Los estudiantes de premedicina, enfermería y medicina pueden unirse al voluntariado médico para exponerse a trabajar en un entorno internacional. configuración. El trabajo voluntario en Camboya se realiza en Phnom Penh durante 2 a 24 semanas y es más adecuado para estudiantes de secundaria y universitarios, viajeros en año sabático, voluntarios adultos y mochileros. VolSol es una de las mejores organizaciones de voluntariado en Camboya y cuenta con la confianza de miles de voluntarios durante los últimos 17 años.


  • 4 opciones de proyectos significativas disponibles durante todo el año
  • Proyectos basados en la ciudad capital de Phnom Penh
  • Opción de elegir entre casa de huéspedes, casa de voluntariado y alojamiento en familia anfitriona.
  • Explora las ruinas de Angkor Wat o dirígete a Siem Reap el fin de semana
  • Descubre los increíbles templos y pagodas de Camboya

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Cambodia

Alec Campbell - Volunteer in Cambodia
"I had a truly magnificent time in Cambodia ! VolSol takes great care and devotion in providing all that you could ask for in Cambodia.I have built so many long-lasting connections in Cambodia that I am simply compelled to return again in the future."

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Weekend Travel Options

Explore the beauty of the country, and know more about the lifestyle and culture of the locals.  Volunteering Solutions can arrange for amazing weekend tours for participants who wish to explore with the local coordinators. Explore Phnom Penh and visit the Killing Fields and the museums, that will tell you the story of Cambodia's dark past.

You can also go for the Mekong River Cruise. You can also head off to Siem Reap for the weekend and explore the Angkor Temple Complex. Other than Siem Reap, & Phnom Penh, you can travel to Sihanoukville, a coastal city in Cambodia which would be perfect for a relaxing weekend retreat.

2 Days Trip to Siem Reap
Angkor watYou must have always wanted to explore and gaze at the ruins of the Angkor Wat that dates back to 900 AD. Walk down the broken walls and admire the beauty of the carvings, soak in the aura of the Buddhism & Hinduism, get awed by the beauty of Bayon and get your perfect shot at Ta Prohm. You can also go for a boat ride on the Tonle Sap river, and see how the people live on the floating villages.

Day Trips in Phnom Penh
Even in the city of Phnom Penh, there’s so much to explore that you can actually make good use of the weekends! Start your day by visiting the Killing Fields - Choeung Ek, a place where millions of Cambodians were killed during the 1970s. Take the audio guided tour, and you’ll get to know about the dark past of the country, in utmost details. From there, head off to S21 Museum and then the National Museum. In the evening, visit the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda.

Weekend Trip to Sihanoukville
If you’re craving for the beaches in between your volunteering sojourn, then we can arrange a weekend getaway to Sihanoukville for you! It’s just about 4 hours bus ride from Phnom Penh, and you’ll be welcomed by white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Mekong River Cruise
mekong riverThere is no way better to explore Cambodia - the country of temples, than embarking on a Mekong river cruise. Hop on a cruise and gaze at the cityscape as you pass through Phnom Penh and slowly the views will change as you move outwards. It would be a perfect day trip, and you can indulge in savoring the delicious taste of Amok & steamed rice while onboard.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.


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