Volontariato in Tailandia
Volontariato in Tailandia


Fai volontariato in Tailandia con soluzioni di volontariato su una gamma di programmi di volontariato più convenienti tra cui insegnamento, volontariato sugli elefanti, assistenza all'infanzia, medicina e altro



Thailandia - I fatti in breve

Date di inizio : Tutto l'anno

Durata : 1-24 Weeks

Posizione del programma : Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket

Età minima : 17 years+

Certificato : Offerto dopo il completamento del programma


A prima vista

Valuta utilizzata : Thai Baht

Lingua : Thai

Viaggia nei fine settimana a: Koh Tao, Krabi and Phuket

5 giorni di volontariato

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Volunteer in Thailand

Fai volontariato in Tailandia con soluzioni di volontariato su un'ampia gamma di programmi di volontariato all'estero a prezzi accessibili in Tailandia, tra cui assistenza all'infanzia, insegnamento ai monaci, cura degli elefanti, tirocini medici, viaggio speciale di volontariato di 2 settimane e altro ancora. Per coloro che sono alla ricerca di un programma perfetto in cui lavorare e viaggiare, il programma di volontariato estivo in Thailandia sarà sicuramente l'opzione migliore. Il lavoro di volontariato in Thailandia si svolge in 2 località diverse: Bangkok e Chiang Mai. VolSol è una delle migliori organizzazioni di volontariato in Thailandia e gode della fiducia di migliaia di volontari del passato negli ultimi 17 anni.

Punti salienti:

  • Progetti di volontariato con sede a Chiang Mai e dintorni, nel nord della Thailandia
  • 8 progetti di volontariato significativi disponibili tutto l'anno da 1 a 24 settimane
  • Sistemazione in una casa di volontari con aria condizionata, completamente arredata nel centro di Chiang Mai o nel campo degli elefanti
  • Goditi i weekend in località incredibili come Pai, Phuket, Bangkok o Koh Samui

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Rhianna - Volunteer in Elephant Camp Project in Chiang Mai
"I absolutely loved every second of my time in Thailand !! It’s hard work but is worth it when you get to be around such amazing creatures and help the community. Everyone is super friendly and always do there best to make you comfortable and welcomed, would definitely go back and do it all again!!"

Rhianna - Volunteer in Elephant Camp Project in Chiang Mai View

Morgan & Olivia - Volunteer in 2 Week Special Program in Thailand
"The experience was all around great!! We chose the two week special in Thailand. We loved our time at the Elephant Home. The people were amazing, the food was amazing, and the views were amazing! Everything ran super smoothly and there was not a time where I didn’t feel safe! Highly recommend it !! "

Morgan & Olivia - Volunteer in 2 Week Special Program in Thailand View

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Weekend Travel Options

There's so much to do in Thailand that you'll surely fall short of time and we advise you to make the most of your weekends! While Chiang Mai itself is a travellers’ favourite , you must explore its neighbourhood for a true Thai experience. There are a lot of places to visit around Chiang Mai that are a must visit. You can choose from the very beautiful Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep, the contemporary yet quite vintage-like Chiang Rai, the strawberry plantations of Mon Cham and the lakeside delight of Huay Tung Tao. Other than these, there are a lot of walking and biking trails around Chiang Mai that are more than just perfect for nature lovers.Some of the recommended options for volunteers and interns in Chiang Mai are –

Chiang Rai Weekend Trip Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located about 130 miles northeast of Chiang Mai and it’s popularly has been growing in recent years as it continues to build up with new hotels, hostels and restaurants opening all the time. 

There are several buses traveling between the cities each day and the journey takes about three and a half hours.There are several attractions in Chiang Rai that should be visited, such as Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple), Rong Suea Ten (the Blue Temple), and Baan Dam (the Black House). While in Chiang Rai, you can buy a tour to take you to all these locations and many more, such as the Golden Triangle, Mae Salong tea and coffee plantations, Tham Pla Cave and Monkey Temple, etc. 

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park Weekend TripDoi Inthanon is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand. It is famous for its waterfalls, few trails, remote villages, viewpoints, sunrise/sunset watching, birdwatching and the all year round cold weather on higher elevations. The main park entrance is about 70 km southwest from Chiang Mai city center. 

Also known as "The Roof of Thailand", Doi Inthanon National Park covers an area of 482 sq km in Chiang Mai province north of Thailand. The park is part of the Himalayan mountain range with elevations ranging between 800 and 2,565 meters asl. The highest peak in the park is Doi Inthanon Mountain which is the highest mountain in Thailand. If you have your own transportation, it’s not that hard to get there – about 66 miles southwest of Chiang Mai. Otherwise, you’ll have to jump on a tour from Chiang Mai, and they average about 60-80$.

Huay Teung Tao

Originally a man-made reservoir, peaceful and serene Huay Teung Tao is a local haunt for whiling the day away in simple bamboo huts right on the water. It’s particularly popular with families and groups of friends over the weekends and public holidays in Chiang Mai.

In recent years, there has been an increase in activities offered around the reservoir, such as paddle boarding or ATV riding. The best way to enjoy is settle into one of the huts and gorge on the delicious Thai delicacies. Each hut is tied to a different restaurant, which all offer similar menus, quality and pricing.

Weekend waterfall trip in Chiang MaiBua Tong Waterfalls

Bua Tong, also known as the Sticky Waterfall, is one of the most unique and beautiful waterfalls in Chiang Mai. While they are located about an hour and a half away, the trip is highly recommended.

The waterfalls are located about 60 kilometers from Chiang Mai city in North Thailand and can be explored either on your own or with a guided tour.  

This waterfall is unique because there are stepping rocks with a mineral deposit coating, which means you can walk up and down the waterfall easily. The stones have so much grip.

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