Notizie e articoli sulle soluzioni di volontariato

Notizie e articoli sulle soluzioni di volontariato

EdexLive - Conversations with the Founder of Volunteering Solutions class=

Volunteering Solutions' CEO talks about the growing trend of voluntourism & how it opens up a world of opportunities for you to learn while travelling.

YourStory - A pursuit to make volunteering a popular way to explore the world class=

“Volunteering is considered a much more responsible way of travelling among seasoned world travellers,” says Saurabh Sabharwal, Founder, Volunteering Solutions.

Startup Freak - A sneak peek of what Volunteering Solutions is all about class=

Volunteering Solutions acts as the facilitator, the one who streamlines the process for volunteers, providing budget-oriented and flexible volunteer project placements to volunteers across the globe.

The Hans India - Volunteering Solutions expands their footprints across America and Europe class=

The one-of-its-kind Indian organization has already been facilitating voluntourism and foreign service learning trips to students around the world in 30 countries for over a decade.

Tech Story - Volunteering Solutions: Helping Students Find Volunteering Placements Abroad class=

Volunteering Solutions, an international volunteer placement organization with its Headquarters in India, is one company that provides placement to these international volunteers and travelers at various social welfare projects all over the world.

The Hindu - The charm of travel and the satisfaction of a cause class=

The bonus in coming to a foreign country is being able to explore while helping out, a concept that is beginning to be known as volunteer tourism or ‘voluntourism’.

The Startup Journal - Connecting Students With International Organizations class=

Being an international volunteer and intern placement organization, Volunteering Solutions helps volunteers work at the NGO, social welfare projects/programs and get placed at internships of their choice.

Virgin - Are companies ignoring the professional benefits of volunteering? class=

For companies looking to expand into a new market or increase their presence in a current one volunteering in this new location can also prove highly beneficial.

The Crazy Mind - Volunteering abroad during gap year travel is a highly common practice exercised by students class=

While the volunteers help build the community, educate unfortunate children, and provide assistance in several other social welfare causes, they get to not only witness but live the local lifestyle and understand the native culture better.

Good News Network - More Teens Taking Gap Year For ‘Voluntourism’ in South Africa class=

For many students, like those in their ‘gap year,’ it is their first attempt at a solo trip abroad, especially because volunteer travel is one of the most affordable and safest ways to see the world.

Huffington Post - How a Young Mind Conceptualized Volunteer Tourism as The Future of Traveling class=

Volunteering abroad is a concept that is mostly practiced by college and high school students during their gap year. The concept, however, is not just restricted to students, but many young adults and senior travelers take up volunteering during their travel expeditions.

Charity Job - Why is it important to take up animal welfare projects? class=

For animal lovers, being surrounded by furry critters all the time is a moment of absolute bliss. And for those who still don’t know how it feels to work with animals, give yourself a chance to get closer to them.

Over 50 and Overseas - All about volunteering abroad with Volunteering Solutions class=

Volunteering Solutions is a certified partner of WYSE Travel Confederation, and has placed more than 10,000 volunteers from different parts of the world in the last 10 years of their operation.

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