Volontariato in Irlanda
Volontariato in Irlanda


Fai volontariato in Irlanda con Volunteering Solutions, una rinomata organizzazione internazionale di collocamento di volontari che offre opportunità significative e convenienti in tutto il mondo. I progetti si trovano dentro e intorno a Cork City, la seconda città più grande del paese.



Irlanda - I fatti in breve

Date di inizio : Tutto l'anno

Durata : 3-12 Weeks

Posizione del programma : Clonmel & Cork

Età minima : 18 years+

Certificato : Offerto dopo il completamento del programma


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Valuta utilizzata : Euro

Lingua : Irish, English

Viaggia nei fine settimana a: explore the city of Cork or head out to Galway or Dublin

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Volunteer in Ireland

Fai volontariato in Irlanda con Volunteering Solutions, una rinomata organizzazione internazionale di collocamento di volontari che offre opportunità di volontariato significative e convenienti tra cui lo sviluppo della comunità, il lavoro presso Charity Shop, il lavoro presso centri d'arte comunitari ecc. I progetti di volontariato in Irlanda si trovano nella città di Cork e dintorni, la seconda -la città più grande del paese.

Punti salienti:

  • I programmi prevedono un'immersione nelle comunità locali e nella cultura irlandese
  • Sperimenta lo stile di vita locale vivendo con una famiglia ospitante irlandese
  • Progetti basati sulla comunità in diverse località dell'Irlanda
  • Selezione di progetti che hanno un impatto positivo sulla comunità
  • Costo accessibile che include ritiro, trasferimento al progetto, alloggio e cibo durante il progetto
  • Orientamento completo all'arrivo
  • Esplora le splendide località e la campagna nei fine settimana

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David - Volunteer in Ireland
"Many thinks to the staff for making my experience in Ireland most memorable.The host family, a charming couple, are quite used to having students staying with them and they are wonderful to spend time with.Thanks, again, for your help in setting up this opportunity for me on short notice"

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Weekend Travel Options

While volunteering in Ireland, you'll mostly be in and around Cork City, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here are a few things that you can add to your weekend travel bucket list, and make sure to tick them off!

Walk Around St Patrick’s in Cork City - If you're a shopaholic, then this is gonna be a treat for you! St. Patrick Street is lined with a variety of stores and has become one of the main shopping areas in the downtown neighborhood. Scattered along the road are street furniture and pedestrian walkways, for those who just want to relax and pass the time away.

Visit the Charles Fort - This breathtaking fort is located on the water’s edge, at the southern end of the village of Summer Cove, on Kinsale Harbour, County Cork, Ireland. James’ Fort is located on the other side of the harbor. Charles Fort is built on the site of an earlier stronghold known as Ringcurran Castle, which featured prominently during the Siege of Kinsale in 1601. Spend a day here, soaking in the country vibes and walk down the lanes of history.

Explore Kinsale - Located some 25 km south of Cork City on the coast near the Old Head of Kinsale, it sits at the mouth of the River Bandon. Walk on the banks or go for a boat ride soaking in the freshness over the weekends.

Travel to touch the most Southern point of the island of Ireland - Mizen Head, is located at the extremity of a peninsula in the district of Carbery in County Cork, Ireland. It is one of the extreme points of the island of Ireland and is a major tourist attraction, noted for its dramatic cliff scenery.

Explore the Blarney Castle - This ancient seat of power is a real must see for anyone visiting Cork. The Castle was built almost six hundred years ago by the Chieftain Cormac McCarthy. It is also home to the famous Blarney Stone, which is said to bestow the gift of eloquence on anyone who kisses it - so you gotta visit this place!

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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