Voluntário nas Filipinas
Voluntário nas Filipinas

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Voluntário nas Filipinas com Soluções de Voluntariado que oferece programas de voluntariado mais acessíveis, incluindo Nutrição em Saúde Pública, Ensino – Ensino Fundamental, Creche – Orfanato e Projeto de Voluntariado Hospitalar em clínicas médicas rurais.



Filipinas - Fatos rápidos

Datas de início : Todo o ano

Duração : 2-24 Weeks

Localização do programa : Tacloban

Idade minima : 17 years+

Certificado : Oferecido após a conclusão do programa


Num relance

Moeda Usada : Philippine Peso

Linguagem : Filipino & English

Viaje nos fins de semana para: Manila or explore the beautiful beaches

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Volunteer in Philippines

Seja um voluntário nas Filipinas com Soluções de Voluntariado e escolha entre uma variedade de programas de voluntariado no exterior mais acessíveis, incluindo Nutrição em Saúde Pública, Programas de Ensino, Cuidados Infantis e Projetos de Voluntariado Médico em clínicas rurais. O trabalho voluntário nas Filipinas está localizado na cidade de Tacloban e arredores; na ilha de Leyte. As oportunidades de voluntariado nas Filipinas são mais adequadas para viajantes de ano sabático, estudantes do ensino médio/universitário, grupos, famílias e viajantes individuais para adquirir experiência de trabalho internacional útil. VolSol é uma das melhores organizações de voluntariado nas Filipinas e tem a confiança de milhares de ex-voluntários nos últimos 17 anos.


  • Experimente o modo de vida e a cultura locais hospedando-se com uma família anfitriã filipina
  • 4 oportunidades significativas de voluntariado durante todo o ano, de 2 a 24 semanas
  • Projetos voluntários de baixo custo, incluindo transferências de aeroporto, orientação, refeições, apoio e acomodação
  • Orientação detalhada e city tour na chegada com a equipe local
  • Explore a província de Leyte ou viaje para outras ilhas nos fins de semana

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Philippines

Breanna - Volunteer in Public Health Nutrition Program in Tacloban
"Volunteer work is an indescribable fulfillment. I was in the middle of going to school for nursing when I felt I needed to figure out myself before I continued. And what better way to learn about myself by helping others and falling in love with the world. I've learnt an enormous amount here in the Philippines. Life here is simple and extremely beautiful."

Breanna - Volunteer in Public Health Nutrition Program in Tacloban View

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Weekend Travel Options

There are a lot of things to do in the Philippines, considering the fact that there are 7000 islands! Explore Tacloban City and other places in Leyte. During the weekends, volunteers usually visit the local areas of interest such as San Juanico Bridge, the Santo Nino Shrine, and the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park. You can also travel to Manila, the capital city. Some volunteers also opt to explore Cebu Island and experience its amazing nightlife. Discuss with the country coordinator before you plan anything.

Take a day trip and go kayaking at Lake Danao - kayaking at Lake DanaoThe guitar-shaped Lake Danao in the island of Leyte would be perfect for a day trip during the weekends. You can go for a refreshing swim in the tranquil water or rent a kayak and explore the rest of the area.

Visit the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum - Tacloban City is filled with historic sites, and you'll be amazed while exploring the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum, built by former President Ferdinand Marcos. Take a trip to this beloved heritage site and see its wide collection of antiques and artworks not only from the Philippines, but also from Germany, Italy, and France. At the shrine, you will see the image of the Santo Nino, which is the Catholic’s title for the baby Jesus.

Go for a trek to Masaba Falls - In case you are looking for some adrenaline rush and trekking is there on your bucket list, then you'll definitely enjoy going hiking up the Masaba Falls. The only way to reach the site is by river trekking, and it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes before you reach the site. Along the way, you will pass through the forest, giving you a chance to get closer to nature. When you arrive at the seven-tiered waterfalls, you can go for a swim or just sit on one of the rocks and admire the scenery.

Head off to Cebu -Cebu island How about planning a 2 days trip to another island? With its sugar-white beaches, azure waters and pristine coral gardens, the island of Cebu in the Philippines is the perfect tropical escape. You can simply chill on the beaches, and take a dip in the turquoise waters. It'll be the best way to unwind!

Go snorkeling at Kalanggaman - If you are a water baby, craving to take a dive and get closer to the underwater world, then you can head off the Kalanggaman beach, which is one of the best places for snorkeling in Leyte.

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