Voluntário em Marrocos - Rabat
Voluntário em Marrocos - Rabat

Voluntário em

Seja voluntário no Marrocos com Soluções de Voluntariado para obter as oportunidades de voluntariado mais acessíveis de 1 a 24 semanas, incluindo puericultura, ensino de inglês, empoderamento feminino, projetos de curto prazo e apoio a ONGs.



Marrocos - Fatos rápidos

Datas de início : Todo o ano

Duração : 1-24 Weeks

Localização do programa : Rabat

Idade minima : 18 years+

Certificado : Oferecido após a conclusão do programa


Num relance

Moeda Usada : Moroccan Dirham (DHM)

Linguagem : French & Arabic

Viaje nos fins de semana para: Marrakesh, Fez or go on a desert safari

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Volunteer in Morocco - Rabat

Seja voluntário em Marrocos com soluções de voluntariado em uma variedade de programas de voluntariado no exterior, incluindo cuidados infantis, empoderamento de mulheres, ensino de inglês, apoio a ONGs, etc. O trabalho voluntário em Marrocos está localizado em Rabat e arredores. Os projetos de voluntariado em Marrocos são perfeitamente adequados para estudantes, casais, famílias, grupos de voluntários, etc. VolSol é uma das melhores organizações de voluntariado em Marrocos e tem a confiança de milhares de voluntários anteriores nos últimos 17 anos.


  • Programas baseados na capital Rabat
  • Oportunidades significativas de voluntariado de 1 a 24 semanas
  • Projetos voluntários de baixo custo, incluindo embarque no aeroporto, refeições e acomodação
  • Fique em uma casa de voluntariado tradicional em estilo riad marroquino
  • Opção de ter aulas de árabe ou francês no programa

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Morocco

Arvind & Pushpa Parmar - Volunteer in NGO Support Project in Rabat
"The program was interesting.We did NGO support and work for human rights .We did so many different activities like teach basic English ,we did Indian cooking classes ,Indian fashion show, how to market products so we did a power point presentation on marketing.The whole experience was just brilliant."

Arvind & Pushpa Parmar - Volunteer in NGO Support Project in Rabat View

Sabrina Samra - Volunteer in Teaching English Program in Morocco
"The Morocco program was the best experience ever. I loved the school, loved the home I stayed in and loved Morocco! The kids and teachers were eager and enthusiastic.They appreciated my efforts and were very thankful.Volunteering Solutions are great,affordable and helpful."

Sabrina Samra - Volunteer in Teaching English Program in Morocco View

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Weekend Travel Options

Volunteers can easily take short weekend trips to Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca or Chefchaouen. Explore the local markets, go for camel rides and desert safaris, and much more. Of course, you will surely need to hit the blue lanes of  Chefchaouen and click those perfect Instagram-worthy shots! This beautiful country with a mix of the best from East and West will never fail to mesmerize you. And of course, try the amazing Moroccan cuisine. In case you have some other things added to your Morocco bucket list, do let us know and we can arrange a trip for you!

Explore Chellahmorocco travelAdmire the beauty of Roman and Islamic ruins at this medieval fortified city buried in the heart of Rabat. Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the abandoned buildings, and overgrown plants, immaculately maintained flowers as well as the public pathways will surely leave you drooling over its beauty.

Soothe your soul in a Hammam – You just can’t miss this opportunity to hit a traditional Moroccan hammam and cleanse your body and soul on a weekend, letting yourself free from all aches and pains. You’ll find public hammams at almost every corner of the country!?

Chill at the beaches – Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the North, Morocco has no shortage of beaches to explore. If you wish to chill on the beachside, then head towards Tamara Plage located 13 kilometers south of Rabat.

Go for a weekend trip to explore the Saharamorocco desertWell, if you are looking for some adventure in the desert, then you gotta spend a night amidst the Sahara! Ride a camel and cross the dunes, gaze as the sun sets behind the golden horizon, and sleep under the starlit sky at a desert camp.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at [email protected] mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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