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Childcare Volunteer Program in Nepal

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer with children in Kathmandu, Nepal and do something to give back to the community 
  • Opportunity to work with autistic children and learn more about their problems, daily challenges and more
  • A chance to embrace the kids of the beggars in the city and shower them with immense love and care, while taking care of them on a day-to-day basis
  • Working in the project is also a great opportunity to meet people from all over the globe and exchange ideas
  • Gain first-hand international work experience and boost your CV/Resume
  • Explore the gorgeous Himalayan land and soak in the serenity


Be a volunteer for the Childcare Program in Kathmandu, Nepal and render invaluable support to the kids who live underprivileged lives. These little ones are too adorable and you'll surely have a great time working with them.

Volunteers will have two project placement options to choose from: 

  1. Children with Autism do not get the opportunity to attend schools in Nepal; even the capital city, Kathmandu, does not have any school for children with special needs. Some mothers with the help of other ladies have taken up the cause to provide basic educational support to these autistic children and have opened up a day school. Volunteers are expected to take care of these children, focus on their speech therapy, teach them some basic words and shower them with immense love and care.
  2. To help provide education to everyone, a school for underprivileged has opened its doors to children of beggars. While the parents still beg on the streets, the children spend the day at this school/daycare facility within a bigger school. Volunteers can teach them English alphabets, and numbers, tell them stories or simply sing rhymes. If you are willing to give these young children some love, spend time and keep the children engaged, this is a perfect program for you.

No matter which childcare program you choose, you'll have a challenging and rewarding experience at the same time. Being with these cuties will fill your life with happiness and surely turn you into a more caring, humble and empathetic person. This is a perfect volunteer abroad opportunity for high school & college students, as well as gap year travelers and backpackers who are looking for some meaningful work experience.

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