Mission Trips Abroad

Mission Trips Abroad

Are you looking for a mission trip abroad where you will be able to serve an underprivileged community? Volunteering Solutions has a bunch of affordable mission trips for students, curated to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged people living in deprived societies, as well as making a mark in conserving the environment & marine ecosystem. These mission trips are available across 25 countries in different parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America & Australia, ranging from a duration of 1 week to 24 weeks.

What is a mission trip?

Mission trips are international volunteer programs that aim to serve an underprivileged community abroad while immersing yourself in the local culture, absorbing the authentic vibes, soaking in the land's beauty while discovering your inner self, and polishing your skills. Over the last 17 years, Volunteering Solutions has been guiding enthusiastic participants who are keen to set out for a mission trip and contribute towards the well-being of others.

Mission Trips are available throughout the year, and one can choose a program depending on their tastes and preferences. The programs include TeachingChildcareConstruction and Renovation, Food Waste Management, Medical & HealthcareCommunity DevelopmentAnimal Care & Wildlife Conservation, and Women Empowerment, etc. No matter whether you are a high school student or retired personnel, a solo traveler, or a university graduate looking for a meaningful work experience abroad - mission trips would be the best option for one and all.

Best Mission Trips Abroad Opportunities

Why do people choose to go on mission trips?

While there are various reasons to opt for a mission trip abroad with Volunteering Solutions, we’ve listed down some of the major benefits:

Making a Difference: When you choose to embark on a mission trip, you sign up to positively impact communities by providing various forms of support, such as teaching English, building schools or homes, offering medical care, volunteering with animals, or supporting environmental conservation efforts. No matter how small your step might be, you'll surely get to make a big difference.

Gaining a New Perspective: Traveling to a foreign country and immersing in a different culture can be a transformative experience. Mission trips offer the chance to see the world through a fresh lens, gaining insights into diverse cultures and ways of life. Unlike regular vacations, here you'll have to stay closer to the people, learn about their daily lives, and understand their major challenges - which will eventually change your way of looking at life.

Meeting New People and Widen Your Social Network: Mission trips provide opportunities to connect with individuals from around the globe. Working alongside international volunteers towards common goals often leads to forming lasting friendships and meaningful connections. And it isn't just that - but you also get to work with professionals, gaining hands-on work experience!

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Mission trips will surely challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and embrace new countries, cultures, and lifestyles. This journey of exploration can be both daunting and rewarding, fostering personal growth, discovering strengths and weaknesses, and redefining life's purpose.

What are the requirements to join a mission trip abroad?

  • You must be at least 17 years old when joining the project.
  • You should have an open mind and a flexible attitude towards working in a new environment.
  • You need to be open-minded, flexible, proactive, and enthusiastic to work with children.
  • You must submit a clean criminal background check report before joining the program.

What do our past volunteers say?

“I really enjoyed participating in the volunteer program in Tanzania. I had the privilege of knowing a reality very different from mine and living with very friendly, warm, and peaceful people. I really enjoyed the organization of the Hostel and the activities and meeting other volunteers. In my opinion, it is an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to live, as it alerts us to the importance of true values in life. I had a great time. I strongly recommend this experience.” - Dora M, Mission Trip in Tanzania


“The experience was all around great!! We chose the two-week special in Thailand. We loved our time at Happy Elephant Home. The people were amazing, the food was amazing, and the views were amazing! Everything ran super smoothly and there was not a time where I didn’t feel safe!” - Morgan H, Elephant Volunteering Program in Thailand


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