Things You Should Know as a Volunteer in Greece (Part 1)

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Ancient Greece has always been known as a vital place where there is a cultural, educational, and culinary treasure trove, in addition to being the cradle of democracy and Western culture. Today, there is much Greece can offer even in the modern world. Now, you can have the best time volunteering in Greece and bring with you more people who can give time immersing themselves in authentic Mediterranean culture.

Greece has been a popular tourist destination since the 1960s, owing to its beaches and architecture. Because of this, more and more opportunities have been created to boost tourism projects. Volunteer opportunities in Greece have also grown and become more available in recent years for travellers. Through these, people now have access to meaningful travel experiences as a result of the country’s response to a number of economic crises.

Volunteer opportunities in Greece are concentrated in sectors such as public health and welfare, animal protection, and conservation. As a volunteer, you can participate in activities such as organic farming, assisting refugees, or event planning and production. Locations for volunteer work are primarily available in Athens, Mytilene, and Crete.

Read on to discover the things you must know as a volunteer in Greece. 


8 Volunteer Ideas for Traveling in Greece


1. Travel in Specific Months or Seasons


Greece is a lovely country to visit, but summer is not the best time to go. Despite the terrible heat, summer is peak visitor season. Volunteer in Greece between the middle of April and the middle of June, or between September and October. If there are fewer tourists in Greece, there will be less upward pressure on pricing, making volunteer opportunities more financially accessible.


2. Plan a Group Budget Travel Promo


If you want to visit Greece during the festival season without paying the excessive fees that tourists pay for the same thing, you’ll need to make other arrangements. Even if you are working the entire festival, you must still attend without having spent all of your money.

Always prioritise safety, but don’t rule out the potential of obtaining cheap tickets from major US airports to Europe and Greece. When possible, use public transportation (including ferries) instead of private vehicles.


3. Be an Outspoken Advocate of the SDGs


Participating as a volunteer in efforts to conserve endangered sea turtles in Greece contributes to the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Data collection, the construction of sustainable structures, and the monitoring of nests are all ways to contribute to the development of sustainable communities and the improvement of the health of the land and water.

When you’re not helping to preserve turtle habitats, you can go for a walk, learn about Olympic history, and go on tours of historical sites with people who share your interests.


4. Explore Tombs of Aigai


Volunteer archaeology programs in Greece benefit not only the Greek economy and historical culture but also our entire understanding of Western civilisation. This is due to the historical significance of the sites being excavated.

Here, you can work in the same surroundings as Alexander the Great provides an excellent volunteer opportunity. This provides historical knowledge as well as access to regions not generally available to the general population.


Now that you have a bit of insight into the volunteering opportunities in Greece, perhaps you could start exploring more options to make your experience even more special. Greece is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the people and the culture, and the best part is that you can take more people with you on your journey. Simply take down some notes and don’t miss out on this!

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