Animal Welfare Policy

Animal Welfare Policy

Animal Welfare PolicyVolunteering Solutions has quite a few programs involving marine life and wildlife, and the organization ensures healthy and secured life for all the animals.

Being aware of the fact that climate change and ecological imbalance is already posing a lot of problems for the animals, the organization tries its best to appoint volunteers who can effectively take care and look after the well being of the concerned animals.

Volunteers opting for any project related to animals are given ample guidance of how to communicate with the species, as they have different ways to reciprocate.
VolSol works with partner organizations which have taken care of these animals for quite some time now.

In no condition should the animals be scared or hit. 
Everyone associated with the organization are empathetic enough to understand that though animals cannot express suffering or pain like humans, they do feel it equally, and therefore they should be provided with adequate comfort that they require.

Volunteering Solutions does not support imprisonment, poaching, hunting, killing or any such act that involves a violence towards animals.

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